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It has been a long time since I painted a Primaris Marine, I have been caught up painting heretics and all manner of other creature. So when I ‘rescued’ the Lieutenants from a friend who wanted to burn him, I was more than pleased to paint him up. I am not sure what I am going to do with him as yet, for now he is going to join his Ultra-buddies in the cabinet.

I have pictured him next to the last Primaris Marine I painted and I wanted to share that. We are all improving with every model we paint and the only person we should compare ourselves with is us. I feel I have come a long way since the last one. The highlights, though subtle, are sharper, the face looks better and it seems I am learning how to base.

IMG_2979IMG_2980IMG_2981The new guy looks miles bigger than the old one…IMG_2982

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Display Cabinets

A few days ago, there was a discussion on twitter about display cases and such. I was asked for pictures of them. I also mentioned that there was an entire battle company of Ultramarines as well. I was once again asked for pictures. So, here we are with them…


This is the Black Legion cabinet, within dwells Abaddon, Teal, Falkus Kibre, Khayon the Black and a few pals of theirs. Also some fliers. The rest of the cabinet is filled with chaos space marines and other nasties.

The next cabinet contains the Thousand Sons, the walking around Ahriman and their chums – picture turned out grainy, it is evening and the light is sub par.


Here is the dreadnought attached to ‘Special Squad’ – a place dedicated to all questionably painted miniatures. Try and guess why he was sent there…


Between the Black Legion and the Thousand Sons is the Ultramarines. Nervous and unsure, they are all there to ensure no uber violence occurs when I am not about. Primaris and Guilliman at the top, regular dudes occupy the rest of the space.

Then there is the Death guard…

This is the whole lot – one wall of our house… There are also minis in many other places dotted around the place too.

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Cato Sicarius, the Lieutenant and a couple of Heroes.

I thought that I would write a quick post about where I am up to with the hobby ‘queue’ seeing how I finished Krom at the weekend – there will be a separate post about him after he has been given to his new owner and they are pleased with him.

Above we have the four minis I will be working on next. First will be Cato Sicarius, who was won by @PerfectFulgrim on twitter. An interesting case as he was fine cast. It took a while to get him looking half decent. I popped him on a huge tall base as he did not want to be smaller than the Primaris Lieutenant who is next to him looking bemused.

The Primaris Lieutenant is the one from the Conquest magazine and I think I will sort out a give away for him. I have a few Ultramarine Primaris in the house but I don’t play or use them much so he would just sit about looking pretty, which is a role no Space Marine should ever play.

The last two are going to go to author Graham McNeill after a conversation had on twitter. After watching The Outlaw King, he wanted to write a High Fantasy Novel with warring factions. I said it was a good idea. He agreed so long as I painted the minis for it. I am not painting a full on book amount of minis but I think a wizard and a warrior should do nicely… now, how do you paint tartan again?

What I do want to do is branch out from painting just space marines. I love them, they are my favourite for many reasons, however I need to now branch out and explore other areas. Let’s watch this space and see what happens!

After these are finished, I will be opening commission slots. I am unsure how that will go but I can only try and see. Of course, I am open to discussion any time for those who are interested!

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Tutorial: Gems and Fur

Last week, I had a couple of questions about how I have done Gems and Fur on a Space Wolf I am currently working on. I decided that writing a quick tutorial would be better than explaining it – pictures make everything easy right?

Gems: I used these colours for the tutorial –


Step 1: Paint the base of the gem in Warpstone Glow or the medium colour you decide to use.


Step two. Paint one of the sections of the gem in the brightest colour.


Step 3: Paint the opposite section in the darker colour.


Step 4: Mix the light green with the yellow 50/50 mix and use this to highlight around the edge of the bright green. I also added a spot of the yellow to the centre to make it pop that little bit more.



These are the colours I used for the fur:


Step 1: Paint the fur with the darkest colour – Dryad Bark in this case.


Step 2: Wash with Agrax and then go paint something else or make a brew while it dries.


Step 3: Mix Dryad Bark with the XV-58 50/50 and then drybrush it over the fur


Step 4: Drybrush with XV-58.


You can keep going of course, depending on how much variation and how light you want the fur. This mini is a Chaos Sorcerer so I figured that he’d be pretty dirty – there are no showers in the Eye of Terror…

I hope this proves to be useful!


Vigilus Weekend

A lot happened this weekend that had nothing to do with the Golden Demon entry. I wanted to make a post about it before the hype within dies out and I realise that I have to return to the daily grind.

There are two things that have me all hyped up. One is the meeting of the Dave marines with the other folk from Twitter. It was a lot of fun meeting the people I speak to on a near daily basis face to face. All of them were lovely, interesting people who I had a common interest with. Whoever said I was no good at getting out and making friends clearly didn’t know what they were talking about.

I’m not posting pictures of the people but we did bring some miniatures, and I am happy to pop that here instead.

The other things I was hyped about was the Black Legion Herald. The fact that he was described to me as ‘Evil Neil Armstrong’ might have a bit to do with it. The fact that this fellow turns up on a planet, rams his spear into it and announces that in 80 days, his pals are going to turn up and claim the place means that Khayon might be out of a job. The miniature was stunning and I cannot wait to get him on the painting table and have him join the rest of my Black Legion force.

I also hope that this means his boss might be getting a new model in the near future – I dare not held my breath yet though.

There are a host of other things that I was excited about. Speed painting Bob, the new rule for narrative play where you get to spend a command point to make your forces good at something, the new Titan… the list goes on and I keep remembering new things too. I am sure there will be more posts in the future about this.

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A Kind of Magic

As some of you know, I have spent the last few weeks working on a diorama of silly proportions for Golden Demon. All my good creations start off as a silly conversation with someone else – in this case, it was with Chris Frosin. We discussed how silly it would be to have a bunch of Ahriman dancing about pretending to be in a boy band. One flippant comment later and I am entering the idea into Golden Demon.

It was not a small undertaking.

I had to acquire three 30K Ahriman models, for the Ahrimen and one 40K version for the centre piece. Then I had to figure out how to paint them. I already knew I was going to do galaxy capes on them, they are psykers after all but I had to decide on a paint scheme and colours. It took a bit but I eventually settled on this:

The next challenge was the 40K version. He was going to be the centre piece of the diorama so he needed to be perfect. Deciding to paint the Eye of Terror on his cloak was perhaps one of the crazier ideas I have had but I had to give it a go. It took an hour and a half but I managed to surprise myself with how well it turned out.

After completing Ahriman and his Ahrimen, I then had to turn my thoughts to the stage. Originally, I intended to build it from a range of different kits that we had kicking about but as some of them were not made by Games Workshop, we abandoned this and went for a different idea. I purchased one of the forge scenery kits and some crates that Games Workshop do and, with the assistance of Dave, we built the stage.

The hardest part of the stage was getting it to light up and make music happen. we went for A kind of Magic and Another One Bites the Dust… Fortunately, Dave knows enough about programming to be able to make it do as I wanted it to. While I worked on painting the stage, he played and fiddled about with an Arduino board and its related pieces. Magic happened. Lights were then attached to the stage and the two songs programmed in. A control was attached to his phone and we were ready for the next phase.


The final part was attaching Ahriman and the Ahrimen to the stage. Before we knew it, we were placing the diorama in the hands of the staff at Golden Demon and there was nothing more we could do… except sit close by and have the entry light up and pay music as unsuspecting people walked passed. The looks on people’s faces was amazing and made creating this piece worth it. The enthusiasm of the staff who saw it was a pleasure as well. I did this for the laughs and I certainly got a lot of those. Even better, was the commended entry tab and the finalist pin I came home with. I know I am not the best painter in the world but to be able to go through with this to completion and to make people smile was a real joy. I am glad they got as much of a laugh out of it as I did.

All that is left to do now, it to work out what I am going to do next year…

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We’ve come a long way…

It has been a while since I posted anything here. For shame! Not for lack of time or content, just because I got busy drawing stick men, painting miniatures and playing 40K that I neglected this place for a while.

I have not stopped painting, I have not stopped creating content either, I just fell off the wagon a bit. I returned to working as a full time teacher and that has had an impact on everything I do. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the job but it is sapping all my time and I am finding less and less time to enjoy everything else. This has to change. I want to be more than a teacher.

I am thinking of seriously picking up commission painting. I have improved so much in the last year that I feel this is now something I would be capable of doing. I would drop my hours to maybe 3 days a week and spend the others painting. If it doesn’t work out, so be it… but what if it does? I want to see the year I am in at school out – that would be fair on the kids in the class but after that; well, we shall see.

If this is to happen, this is what I need to do:

  1. Learn to airbrush.
  2. Overhaul this space so I can use it to showcase mini’s.
  3. Advertise.
  4. Get some amazing pictures done.
  5. Keep practicing,
  6. Figure out price tiers.
  7. Research and see if this is something people want from me.

I have time to work this out. It is not going to be an immediate change. In the meantime, have a look at some of the things I have painted over the past while. This is not an inclusive list, but ones I am pleased with thus far.

By the way, thereĀ  is a whole new version of Ahriman being painted up at the moment and he will get a post all to himself when he is done.