Freehand Banners

I have been working on some banners for a commission recently and I wanted to share them with you. Non metallic metals are not something I am overly confident with but they are a challenge that I really enjoy. The effect is striking and when done right, very effective. So, when I was asked to paint a couple of banners with chalices on them, I leapt at the chance to do so. Here are the minis:

The hardest part about this was getting the colour blend right. I wanted to create an old gold feel rather than it being super shiny. Chaos Marines grab me as not being the cleanest after all and their gear is thousands of years old. They are not new or shiny and so the gold would be tarnished.

I am pleased with how they turned out, and the owner of them is as well. I shall do a post in the not too distant future explaining the freehand process I go through, but for now, these minis are now on their way to their new owner!



I started painting the Indomitus Necrons the other day and wanted to share the progress I have made on them. There are a few new things I am trying out with them, which seem to have worked so far. Here are the pictures, I will talk about the new things afterwards so you know what I am talking about:

The bases. Usually, I would use either Agrax Earthshade or Nuln Oil to shade the texture paint. (I love texture paint), but this time around I wanted to use a different colour to see what effect it woul have. I used Druchii Violet as it is close to the red in the colour wheel, and then drybrushed Jokero Orange over the top. I like the shadow effect it has, though in some places it appears to have a white hue to it – might have to look into that and see where it has come from.

I am also really pleased with the Plasmancer’s blade. I have done blended weapons before but the green on this seems to have come out really well. Of course, the rest of the Plasmancer needs more work doing to him, but I really wanted to share what I had done so far.

I am looking forward to painting the rest of them and seeing them as a force on the battlefield, they should look striking on the red gaming mat that we use! Pictures to follow I am sure!


Grumpy Git – Results and Winner!!

A reminder of the entries first of all:

Judge 1 – Nerodine – said this:

I like that both entries thought on their basing, and decided to push the sculpted theme a little further.

Entry A – Good palette and great use of colour. Yellow accent colour works well to break up the space. – Love the colour glow brought onto the base and a cheeky bit of colour blending there. Would have liked to see more of that elsewhere. – Missed opportunity with that diamond pattern on the legs. – Big fan of a bit of glowy power sword action! Could add a little of that mid-tone blue onto the hair to sell the OSL further. – Nailed the face. Top job!

Entry B – Good colour choices, and the bright green really stands out. – However you took the second photo, do more like that. It adds just enough warmth and light to let me read the piece properly without any distractions. – Hair highlighting jars a little. – Loving the variety of tone in the purple and green fabric, then playing that green back into the darker green shards. Nice.

Got to pick a winner though, right? My choice is entry B. Tough, but I think the painter pushing themselves to execute a check pattern well is probably the stand-out difference for me.

Judge 2 – Leaky Cheese – said this:

I vote for B! I really liked your colour contrast between the face hair. The square patterns were beautifully done and repeating them as diamonds on his clothing works really well. Beautiful belt gem and the green sheen on the swords is another lovely touch.

Judge 3 – Dr Dave – said this:

So… That’s a really tough one for me. I love both renditions of the miniature and they both stand out in terms of painting skill for different reasons. I like the colour scheme of both, I think I prefer the darker tones and cheques on the floor tiles of B more than A though. That being said I like the overall brightness of A. If you could combine the figure of A with the rules of B, that would be the winner! It’s really tough but after much deliberation I’ve gone for entry B, just because I think I prefer that overall colour scheme and some of the little touches like the reflection on the tiles

Judge 4 – Bees – said this:

My vote is for Entry B They are both beautifully painted and it was a difficult decision, as always. You’re both so skilled. I loved the colour palette on A, but B has so much contrast with the deep colours and bright greens and the galaxy detail on the squares just cinched it.

Judge 5 – Nick Bayton – said this:

Entry A: I love the colour selections – lovely pastel theme but a limited palette. The diamond work is really good, with the outlines suggesting diamonds being painted really neatly. I love the highlights on the black – looks like you’ve used Karak Stone in there to give it soft material-like texture. The highlights on the panels on the base are really good – with cheeky little spot highlights representing light spots. The face is really good too – painted really smoothly!

Entry B Again – I love the colours used here. You’ve gone the opposite way with strong colours used to create a clear theme throughout the model with plenty of contrast between surfaces. The dark teal and purples really compliment each other well – a classic vibrant combo for xenos models which really works. The check work is amazing – so neat and well done, and repeated across the model in areas that would have been quite hard to do, so props to you for that! The purple blending looks great – i must have taken a good long while! Again – face looks amazing too.

As for a winner?I vote Entry B… but only by a Gyrinx’s whisker.

So, the overall winner is Entry B.

As I am sure you are all dying to know, I can now say who painted which miniature.

Office painted Miniature A, I painted miniature B.

This year, Office owes me the pint!!


Grumpy Git – Entries!

A reminder of what we both were working with. Now, the entries!!

Entry A

I went for a bit of a subtle paint job on him tbh. He’s bright, so the diamond pattern is less important to me. He’s also a bit of a disgraced character by all accounts, so I can kind of understand the slightly more muted tones. Basically went with the box art for colours. Made the base out of an old credit card.

Entry B

It is the same miniature I swear, taking pictures and getting the colour to show is a pain so I have submitted all the attempts! I wanted to show him coming out of the webway, so added a few more squares to the base made of plasta-card. I went with dark hair as per the comic he is in as well. I wanted to go for high contrast with the purple and green. The colours stand out well against one another and add flashes of vibrancy against the darker tones.


Tragic Fangirl’s New Stuff

Tragic Fangirl – aka Jenn, my sister – has started creating again, which is awesome news because I really love her stuff. She had created a shop on redbubble, which allows you to buy her art on a variety of different things. Bags, stickers and all sorts of items. I wanted to give her a shout out because her stuff is awesome and it needs to be seen. I think it is a great idea and I shall be buying some of these bits as gifts for people in the future. Here are some examples from the shop!

There are several categories to look at, and she is adding more artwork and options on a near daily basis! It’s worth keeping and eye out!

She also has a Patreon is you are interested!


Review: Good Omens – Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

I wanted to read something a little lighter after the last physical read – Chernobyl Prayer – and this has been on my list for quite a while.

What a book! It was so funny and contained the humour and wit of both authors that I have come to expect. This book would have kept me reading late into the small hours if I hadn’t fallen asleep while trying to do so.

I am not entirely sure where to start with it. The characters. I love well written characters and this novel is packed with them! They are all relatable – even the demons – and they are all individuals. There were no sterotypes, and they were all in keeping with the slightly off the wall feel of the novel. Don’t get me wrong, that off the wall feel is what kept me reading.

The structure and pace of the book are good too. As I mentioned earlier, I really wanted to know what happened so kept ‘turning the page’. The Chapters are arranged into the corresponding days rather than strict Chapters, which made one of them rather long, however there were plenty of logical places to stop so that worked for me.

There are plenty of funny – ironically so – details within the novel as well, which are so typically Pratchett. I have read less Gaiman in my time – something I am now going to change. I laughed out loud on several occasions at some of the thought patterns.

Read this book because it has amazing characters, is a new take on the dichotomy of good and evil, and is honestly a funny read!


Scykhe for Animals – A Shout out!


    Scykhe for Animals is an upcoming event hosted by Fred Scykhe on his Twitch channel ( on July 25th 2020 from 1 pm CET to 2 am CET.

    This event’s goal is to raise money for an animal welfare association : Fondation Assistance aux Animaux. (

    All the money raised during the event will be given to the association.

    During this event, I will play video games, paint miniatures and keep you entertained while proposing raffle giveaways, donation goals, and bid war for a painting challenge. 

    This document will explain to you what you’ll be able to see, where you can donate and the prizes you may win. 

  1.  Charity

    There are sadly too many animals who are mistreated, abandoned or worse. It gets even worse during summer in France and with the Covid situation some people wrongly believe that the disease could be transmitted through pets and are mistreating them (bleaching their paws), abandoning them, or even worse.

    I have been raised in a house where animals were loved and helped. My late mother has helped, adopted and healed a lot of lost, wounded, sick or abandoned animals during her life. I live with two cats who have both been saved from a terrible fate. (Be sure that they’ll be seen during the stream)

    That’s why all the money donated during this event will be given to the french association Fondation Assistance aux Animaux. This animal welfare association is specialised in rescuing and healing old, abandoned or mistreated animals. They have retirement homes, special refuges and adoption programs. And most important they never do euthanasia of convenience.

    Thank you in advance for the help and everything you can do. This is a very important subject for me.

  1.  Donations

All the donations can be done through this link from July 1st to July 31st 2020

When you donate :

– You’ll automatically enter the surprise raffle (1€ = 1 ticket) and you can also enter the other raffles by specifying which one in your donation message (see below).

– You can also vote for the painting challenge.

– And finally you make progress the global goal which can unlock some rewards

Raffle winners will be drawn on the 25th of July at 8PM 5CET) and all donations after this point will not grant raffle tickets and just work toward the donation goals.

Sample donation message :

  1.  Event Schedule

    Starting July 25th at 1pm CET on, here is what you’ll find

1pm – 1:30pmIntroduction + Special announceEnglish – French
1:30pm – 3pmGeoguessr with a guestFrench mostly
3pm – 6pmBinding of Isaac RaceEnglish – French
6pm – 7pmDonation challengesEnglish – French
7pm – 8pmSpeed PaintingEnglish – French
8pm – 9pmChat + Raffles drawingEnglish – French
9pm – 12amPainting ChallengeEnglish – French
12am – 2amAlien IsolationEnglish – French
  1.  Donation goals

    The more donations are made, the more rewards are unlocked. If we go beyond 500€ new goals will be added !

100,00 €I let my partner tickles me live (I am super ticklish)
200,00 €I stream in full make up by my partner
300,00 €I paint a nail art on my partner fingers
400,00 €I shave my beard
500,00 €I paint a Lamenters army (2000 points)
  1.  Raffles

    There will be 4 raffles, you’ll find below what you can win in them and how to participate. 

Surprise raffle : As the name suggests, this is a surprise bundle ! 

This bundle will consist of a very personal selection of items sent to you. The only item you’ll be sure to have is a Primaris Chaplain painted by Heretic Wargaming (

You automatically enter this rafle when you donate. (1€ = 1 ticket).

Video game raffle : This is a bundle of keys for PC Video Games selected by myself.

Here is the list of games included in the bundle :

  • Hellblade Senua’s sacrifice
  • GRiS
  • Dark Souls 3
  • The Messenger
  • Jurassic World Evolution
  • Armello
  • Tomb Raider 2013
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Hearts of Iron IV
  • Warhammer 40 000 Dawn of War 3

    All this keys will come from Humble Bundle (because why not adding charities to your charity)

To enter this raffle, when you donate for the event, write in a message that X€ from your donation is for the Video Game bundle to get X tickets.

Commission raffle : This raffle will make you win a commission worth of 100£ by Heretic Wargaming (

Once you have won, you can have one big miniature (primarch size) you own or buy painted by the talented Heretic Wargaming.

To enter this raffle, when you donate for the event, write in a message that X€ from your donation is for the Commission to get X tickets.

    Miniature raffle : This is a bundle of miniatures from my own collection all unpainted.

By winning this bundle you’ll get :

  • 3 Death Guard Characters ( Lord of Contagion, Noxious Blightbringer, Malignant Plaguecaster)
  • 1 Oop Harlequins
  • 1 Oop Imperial Assassin
  • 1 Games Day 2011 Skaven Warlord
  • Maybe some surprise !

To enter this raffle, when you donate for the event, write in a message that X€ from your donation is for the Miniature bundle to get X tickets.

  1.  Painting challenge and Bid war

    During this 3 hours painting session, I’ll paint a Tech Priest Dominus for the Adeptus Mechanicus using only 3 colors ! (plus black, white and medium).

The thing is that you will be the ones choosing the 3 colors ! 

How ? Each time you donate, you can put 3 colors in your donation message and the ones with the most votes will be selected !

Don’t hesitate to make multiple small donations to have more paint votes !

This specific donation incentive will end on the 24th of July to give me time to gather all the votes and prepare myself.

Updates on the vote will be posted on a regular basis on the Leetchi site.

  1. Special announce

This event will also be the occasion for me to reveal new assets for my stream :

  • A custom alert GIF for all the future events of my channel
  • Custom alert sounds 
  • Custom emotes for subscriber
  • Custom badges for subscriber 
  1.  Geoguessr 

    Geoguessr is a game where you are left with no clue on a road in the world and you have to pinpoint your location the most precisely possible while moving around in google street view. 

I’ll play a full game (5 rounds) with my partner. You can expect silliness, searching for smallest details, trying to decipher foreign languages (please please no cyrillic…), being lost on an endless road in Canada and getting mad because we are stuck in a car concession. 

  1.  Binding of Isaac Race

    The Binding of Isaac is a dungeon crawler rogue lite game where you have to go through a bunch of levels and fight harder and harder bosses to finally win. Lots of aspect of this game are randomised making each game unique.

    I will do a race with Umaro137 ( to see who will be the first to beat the game not once but four time with the following characters :

  • Isaac
  • Eve
  • Judas
  • Azazel
  1. Speed Painting

    One hour ! Just one hour ! Sixty minutes to paint a miniature ! Will it be enough ? 

I’ll try this speed painting challenge on an Intercessor Space Marine and to add some difficulty, it will be painted as a Lamenters ! (Yes yellow paint and checkers …)

    I am already sweating at the idea of painting so much yellow this quickly !

  1. Alien Isolation

    Alien Isolation is a horror game where you are stranded alone and defenseless in a space station with for sole company a dangerous monster.

At midnight (CET), I’ll shut down all the light and start playing Alien Isolation, a game I have been wanting to play for a long time with finding the courage to do it. 

I’ll put headphones and turn the sound loud for a scarier experience.

I am a big fan of the Alien franchise and I can’t wait to get scared to hell while you watch in conclusion of this event. I am sure that between the stress and the fatigue, I’ll be on top to react to whatever happens in the game.


Old School Blood Angels!

I have taken some time to paint my own miniatures this week. With the looming release of Indomitus, I want to clear some space on the ‘To Paint’ shelf. So I have worked on the base coated ‘mini’ marines. I collected the various parts from a load of bits boxes around the house and stuck them together. They are a mis-matched bunch of marines, but they are mine and I am sure there will be plenty of fights for them to get stuck into in the future.

There are twelve in the squad – I had extras so put them altogether and thought they may as well all be in the smae squad. There seemed to be no point in having two smaller squads and I am sure I can write a fluff reason for it if the need arises.

It has been really lovely as well to work on something for myself, rather than for a commission or for sale elsewhere. I plan on painting the Marine half as Blood Angels and keeping them, and then maybe actually playing some games with them! That would be a novel idea!


Elucidian Starstriders – Take 3

So, as I painted the Gellerpox Infected, I have now painted the other side of the Rogue Trader set; the Elucidian Starstriders. It was a real treat to paint these miniatures again. They’re all very different so batch painting them can be tricky. Even the void-warriors in blue are different so require attention individually.

Here they are:

I have now painted these miniatures three times, and I have enjoyed every single one. It also gives me a chance to see how much I have improved since the last time I painted them – which was about a year ago. I find that painting the same miniature after a stretch of time is good to mark your own progress and see how you have improved. Here are the old ones:

I have also learned to take better pictures since then, but I can see my improvements from this time last year.


Book Review: Know No Fear – Dan Abnet

This was a fantastic book. It contains some of the best description I have read in the past forever. Let me explain without giving away too many spoilers for the story itself.

The tale centres around the actions of the Word Bearers against the Ultramarines to eliminate them from the Horus Heresy. One of their actions is to destory planetary defense systems and orbitals around the planet of Calth. The description I found amazing was how the destruction of the orbitals and ships affect the planet itself. The scope of the thought that has gone into this part of the novel are exceptional and the devastation of such is just mindblowing!

The pace of the novel keeps you wanting to know more. The stakes for the characters are expectionally high and the story pulls no punches in that regard. Characters are developed swiftly and are very relatable in my opinion. As a reader you care about what happens to them. Of course, there is the appearance of some old favourites as well and yes, you still want to call them jerks on reading this.

One thing I will say as a niggling point of contention is that some of the Space Marine Characters say things that seem mroe appropriate to the Guard. It is a minor point but I can understand how some people would find this jarring. I did, but the strength of the story, plot and pace glossed over this for me.

This is a fantastic read, a good step forward in the Horus Heresy and completely on point. Give it a read, it’s awesome!