Salamander’s Tanks

Last week, while not preparing for the move, I got down to painting a couple of tanks. I love painting tanks, the minis are big enough to get in to but not too big to take forever, and I love how I manage to out battle damage on them too. It gives them a more authentic feel to them I think – nothing like a grimy tank to show the effect of a good fight! Here they are: an Impulsor and a Repulsor Executioner too:

The decals, when they have been painted over with damage and grime, really sit well with these minatures and I couldn’t resist painting the flames on the centre part of both tanks either. It just adds another quality touch and helps break up the green too.

Both of these tanks sold within an hour of me putting them up for sale as well, so I know there is going to be more tanks in the very near future for me.


The Next Adventure – Part 2

As explained in my last blog post on the subject, we went to look at a house in order to buy it. Since then, we have been to look at the place again. I have taken a few more pictures of the outside of the house, as we had a lot to think about once again:

As you can see, some of the render has cracked and the end of the house, which is in the undeveloped part has some exposed brickwork which is going to need some serious attention in the next few years.

We decided that we liked the house enough and could see ourselves living there regardless of the issues we have highlighted. So, we have put in an offer and that has been accepted! Everything is now with the various agents, legal people and surveyors. As the house is over 200 years old, we have opted to have a full survey done on the property to make sure there is nothing structurally wrong with it. The rest we can work on when we have moved in and are ready to.

Now starts the arduous task of organising everything for the move. Cats, miniatures and seven years of accumulated things… This is not going to be a quick task!


Sons of Guilliman – Part 3!

I was recently contacted again for some more work on the onderful red, orange and grey marines that I have painted a couple of times in the past. I was thrilled to be able to paint these guys again, the scheme is a lot of fun, is bright, vibrant and cheery – in my mind at least. This time it was more of the Indomitus Box, some First Generation Marines and a Librarian in terminator armour. Here they are:

The home brew Chapter is called Sons of Guilliman and it was a real pleasure to work on some more of them. I know they are involved in battles against the foul greenskin and I do hope they are conquering them well.

I have also asked for some shots of them all together, as it will be great to see them! Proof that I have indeed painted an army!


Mephiston – Finished

I have finally finished Mephiston! And what a learning curve he was too. I’ll start off with some pictures and then say what I think!

I am very pleased with the results. In particular the sword. This is the first time I have done multiple blends – dark, to light and back again – on the same weapon and I think it turned out well. It looks smooth and the edges look sharp.

The wings worked well, I am pleased with how the yellow brightens the tips and highlights them too. The freehand on the cloak is some of my best work to date when it comes to freehand and although it took an age, I am sure I would be able to recreate the brocade pattern even better if I were to use it again.

Pipe Bloodletter adds amusement to the piece and I got to use the UV resin mixed with some green wash to create the horrid goo in the pipe with him. I love how that worked out. I am not convinced about the copper pipe itself, but regardless of that, the diorama works.

This is not the Mephiston I will be using on the table top though, he is too big and I do not want him to get damaged. I may have to paint another version of Mephiston in the future, but for now, I am content to just have this one!



I have a lot going on other than in my Warhammer/hobby life at the moment but that doesn’t mean I have stopped painting. I have managed to paint up some more Necromunda Palantine Enforcers, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I liked the ones I did for a commission so decided to get some of my own to paint. I stick to the colour scheme on the box as I really think this is effective. This is how they turned out:

I really liked the fact that these miniatures came with the moulded bases, and the opportunity to use a fairly limited colour palette. The yellow really stands out about the shades of blue and grey and I think they look good. The added bonus was they did not take that long to paint at all!


The Next Adventure

Not really miniature related this post but every bit as exciting…

Potentially, we have found a house we would like to buy. I have long dreamed of owning a place, and now that all other debts are cleared and gone, we are in a position to think about doing so. The place we have found is quirky, a bit of a project (that’s an understatement) and will suit very well.

It is a house of two halves. Let me show you the first part:

The house was built in 1809 and was originally 3 small houses, one of which was a Blacksmiths. It was then converted into a pub called the Mariners Arms, whihch functioned for many years; the beer cellar is still there! The pub was shut however and the building transformed into a small Independent School. This ceased operation in 2010 and was brought by the current owner, who have renovated a lot of the house.

Remember how I said it was a house of two halves. Well, here is the other half:

Essentially, there is another 2 bedroom house on the bakc of the 4 bedroom place that has been renovated already. It needs some finishing off…

I am unsure what will happen to the huge room at the top, which I have not pictured yet. It was the year 5/6 classroom – it still has this on the door – but to begin with it will become my painting studio space. It’s 40m2 so it is quite a large area! I may have to learn how to DIY.

We’re going through the early motions of buying this place, getting the mortgage arranged and we hope to hear back in the next day or so. Another visit has been booked too, with clearer heads (parents) to get their thoughts too. It is very exciting, and I am still waiting for someone to say we cannot have it.


Fantastic Feature Friday!

This week, we’re going to hand over to Jenn, the TragicFangirl to show us some of her work and see what she has to say about it:

All the advice I could find about writing an artists statement seemed to suggest that I write complete and utter rubbish! Bloat my art with meanings that it doesn’t have and use overly complicated statements about my art and what it means. My work is so much simpler than that.

I create because it is fun. I create because I like to make myself and other people happy, there’s no more to it than that. I draw because it’s my favourite thing to do. Ever. Trust me, I’ve tried other things and I always come back to the sketchpad. My only goal is to make people smile, unfortunately, business and the need for income has come into play and I have to cater to that side of things too, so I offer freelance commissions.

I enjoy working within the Warhammer community as they’re overall a decent bunch of people! I also enjoy drawing anthropomorphic artwork from time to time. As for the how, I sketch everything with a Faber-Castel Grip pencil, use packs of decentish quality printer paper. Scan it in with a Canon Pixma Scanner and finish the artwork off with a standard Wacom Intous in a program called Fire Alpaca; nothing fancy.

Places to find Jenn:


Review: Indomitus – Gav Thorpe

This is the first time I have read a book that has come alongside a release, and I want to talk about that as it had both pros and cons that come with it.

On the one hand, I was able to relate to every single character and unit mentioned in this novel because I had the miniature that went with it. I knew what the plasmancer looked like, I knew what a Judiciar was and this meant that in some scenes of the book, it was easier to follow. Knowing that an Eradicator has a huge flamer weapon was definitely helpful in understanding who did what in the fights.

The downside of this is that there are so many units and characters that came out in the release, that at times it was hard to keep up with so many names.

What this book offered me was an insight into Necron culture. I knew very little about the faction until I read this and find they are rather interesting. The part from the perspective of the Destroyer Character was really good. I won’t spoil it but you learn some details about his past and why he is set on destroying all life. I could relate (if not condone) to his actions and that was surprising.

I think my favourite character was the plasmancer. She was belaboured by incompetence on all sides and she fit nicely. I never knew how heirarchical necorn society was, or how many different factions were working within it until I read this novel.

Of course, there are plenty of good Ultramarine characters within the novel too, and the little details written add a layer to them that can sometimes be lacking in Space Marines. The Captain remarking to himself that carpet is strange underfoot after so long on a voidship is the one that springs to mind. There is plenty of bickering and banter, but underneath all that, the will to get the job done without hesitation is there too. All good stuff.

The plot of the novel is no real stretch of the imagination, but it’s not dull or drab and it certainly doesn’t drag. The ending is fitting, and it leaves the reader wondering what happens as well. I wonder if there will be a sequel at some point – I do hope so!

All in all, a good read!


Self Improvement

From time to time, I like to evaluate how far I have come in terms of miniature painting. I like to look at the first miniature I painted, and the last and remind myself that I am only ever competing against myself. I try to express that to everyone else as well. I love seeing other people’s work and what they create, I enjoy trying to figure out how they did a certain thing and seeing if it is something I can try myself. I do not ever really compare myself to them however, as they are on their own learning journey.

So, today, I will put some old pictures next to some newer ones and see how far I have come on my path.

These are from early 2019, I had just finished being a teacher and turned to painting full time.

The second set is my latest work, all from this year at least. Dante is perhaps the oldest here. I can see my improvements immediately. My blending is smoother, I have tackled Non-Metallic Metals and I feel my edge highlights are a lot sharper.

I know I have a lot to learn still, but this is good progress!


Shadows of Brimstone Miniatures

Something a bit different was in order today. I wanted to have a break from painting Space Marines and Games Workshop miniatures, so broke out some of the board game ones that have been hanging around the house for ages. Shadows of Brimstone, for those that don’t know is an adventure game. The best way I can describe it is Wild West, Cthulu Warhammer Quest. It has a variety of expansions, and I have been painting some from the Space Ship one, as well as finishing off some others as well. Here they are:

I have used a range of different techniques to paint these miniatures. Including contrast paint over silver, speed painting and using tape to create lines on bases. I have a few more to finish as well, and I will likely work on these over the weekend. Although the quality of the miniature is not the same as Games Workshop, I have really enjoyed the change!