Crackle Paint and Ultramarines

I actually picked this up by accident. I intended to go for the Martian Ironcrust – the gravel texture paint that I use for nearly all my bases, but picked up Martian Ironearth instead. I was a bit surprised when I opened the tub and saw that it was smooth! I decided to go for it anyway – the colour was still right after all. Bright red really makes the blue of the Ultramarines stand out I think. Here they are:

I was unsure at first, then realised that painting the base before I put the crackle on was a good idea. this made it a bit easier. I also had to make sure that the feet had a bit of the drybrush colour on as well to give them a bit of a weathered look, otherwise they didn’t look quite right.

I really love the effect however adn I plan on playing about with it on some spare bases that I have knocking around. I bet they create a wicked lava effect.


Necromunda Enforcers

I was recently contacted by a client, who asked me to paint his Necromunda Enforcers for him. I’ve not painted any Necromunda guys before, but accepted the task. He sent me some pictures of what he was after, and informed me that the guys were already built. It was clear that the client had put a lot of time into who his gang members were, and asked me to paint names on the bottom. Here they are:

The hardest part for me was putting the decals on, a skill I am still learning. The client was pleased, however thought that the miniatures were a bit dark nad needed some small flashes of colour to break up the black parts. I added them in and here are the final pieces:



Up until very recently, the only thing I have put decals on is a tank – a large, flat surface that is relatively easy to do. I have just started to put them in other places. I usually freehand details like that, but seeing how I am now painting a full army, that is a lot of freehand. It is about time I learned how to use decals anyway as some of the orders I have taken lately have also asked for them. Here are the results on one of the Blood Angels Assault Intercessors – and a shot of the Captain again as well because I am super proud of him!

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Judiciar Ambrose

When Indomitus was announced, and the first set of new miniatures shown, my friend and I (and a lot of others too) were very excited about them. My friend doesn’t play 40K, but is highly invested in the lore and the stories. Like myself she is a Blood Angel’s fan – she is responsible for that too when I think about it. It was her birthday fairly recently and I said I would paint her the Judiciar, as that was the particular model she liked.

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Review: Betrayer – Aaron Dembski-Bowden

I have finished Betrayer and as unpopular as this might be, I was not enthralled by it. It was ok, not amazing, not terrible. I’ll start with the good.

This novel has some exceptionally good side characters. I really liked Lotara Sarrin, the captain of the World Eater flag ship. She comes across as a tough, mean woman who compliments the legion she works with. The World Eater dreadnought was another interesting one. Erebus remained well written, and I wanted to punch his smug face throughout the novel – a normal reaction of course.

One of my favourite parts of the novel was reading about the Titans. I mean, I love Titans anyway, but this part – a pack of Warhounds do battle against an Imperator – was exceptionally fun and exciting to read.

The dynamic between Argel Tal and Kharn is excellent too. They work well together and despite their clear differences, manage to get along and fight well. I liked reading about their interactions and their ventures together.

So what was off with the novel? Perhaps it is because I am not really a fan of World Eaters or Word Bearers. I got irritated by Angron’s whining – when he was lucid, all he did was moan and gripe about how everyone else had it easier than him. It might be true but it doesn’t make interesting reading. Lorgar was equally frustrating with his fanaticism. That is in character for him I guess but it really did nothing for me.

The pace felt a bit off as well in my opinion. The book is set in two parts, and the majority of these parts are battle scenes. At some points they felt dragged out and went on for far too long. I kept waiting for interesting things to happen and although there were scenes that were really good, I just kept waiting for the bigger picture to get going.

Maybe I am being unfair, having just thoroughly loved both Angel Exterminatus and Know No Fear. It could be that I am just not a fan of the Legions this novel focus’ on.

It’s worth reading, but I doubt I will read the book again.


Review: Angel Exterminatus – Graham McNeill

I can succintly summon this book up in the following way:

Fulgrim: Does something

Perturabo: Eyerolls Fulgrim, WTF!?

I absolutely loved this book. There are a number of reasons for that, the above being just one of them. All of the characters are interesting and I want to know more about them now the book has finished. Not one of them is boring, dull or a characature. I was left wondering who I should be rooting for, because even the villains of the novel were well portrayed!

Some of the scenes in this book are fantastic, and they illustrate well the differences between the legions and how they operate. Special mention for the Raven Guard being surprised when an Iron Hand does stealth. For one of the Iron Hand having a sense of humour. To Forix for having the worst day ever and a dreadnought named Bombastus – what a name! There are plenty more characters to get to grips with as well, and they are all interesting.

The book is inconceivably well written (see what I did there) and well balanced. The plot is swift paced, but not too swift to keep up with, and the description is perfect. There is a huge battle scene in the latter half of the book and I could not listen to it quickly enough. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and think that it is now in my top 5 of heresy books. I will definitely be listening to this one again!


Crusade Force – Mission One

Today, I finally got around to playing my first game of 9th Edition. I’ve spent a bit of time getting a Crusade force together with the intention of using them while playing. I have named every miniature, and I am in the process of painting them too. I took the following out for the first battle:

Primaris Captain – Azakiel

Primaris Lieutenant – Vespa

Assault Intercessor squad – Squad Nic (Nicodemus, Ruman, Qaspiel, Araton, Hamon, Maalik, Renzo, Sablo, Jehoel, Netzack.)

Outriders – Aldus, Lukar, Marzio

So, how did the first battle go? There were some heroics, but there were some pretty awful events as well.

The best unit this game was the Outriders, they took a great number of Necron Warriors out with both their guns and their chainswords. Although they did not kill an entire unit, they managed to decimate two. Unfortunately, Necron Warriors come back so that proved to be problematic.

The Captain and the Intercessors come next. They were securing objective 2 when they were charged by a Skorpek Lord and the Skorpek warriors. It was all going so well until the dice deserted the Captain, resulting in the Skorpek wiping out the unit and the Captain in the next turn.

The Lieutenant did very little and so is at the bottom of the honour role for today. He got charged and died. He did do a little damage with his last hit – which I used a command point to do, but other than that, he sucked.

So. I didn’t win. I did get some experience points for the Force though, and it was fun to play. There is a lot to remember – a lot more than Adeptus Titanicus, and my head felt blown towards the end. I’ve not played 40K for a couple of years but some of it came back to me as I played. Scenery rules seem to make more sense to me as well. I will pick it up the more I play, of that I am sure.



I was recently contacted by a client who has a batch of Stormcast they wanted painting based on a colour scheme from an anime character. It was a lot of fun going through the entire process. Together, with the aid of the colour wheel, we came up with a scheme that should work. I painted a test model, which allowed us to work out the kinks of the scheme and we found what worked:

I think painting the test miniature was a great way of seeing what the colours would look like, especially as sometimes things work on paper but not in practice. I have spent the last week painting the miniatures and although it is not a colour scheme I would use for myself, I feel they are effective and look good.

There have been a few minor alterations since these pictures were taken, however I feel they worked out well. I know the client is happy with them as well, and that is the most important element of this work!