Welcome to the Store! Here you will find the miniatures I have for sale. If you are interested in any of them, please get in touch. Payment will be via Paypal. Postage to the UK is included in the price, if you are overseas, please get in touch for a quote.

Primaris Lieutenant


15.00 £

Kor’saaro Khan

White Scars Guy!

25.00 £

Larissa Shadowstalker

AoS Ltd Edition miniature

50.00 £

Sergeant Jovan

LTD Edition Sergeant painted as an Ultramarine.

50.00 £

Forgeworld’s Sevatar of the Night Lords

Sevatar was painted for the first Paint Off last year, he is of high quality and looking for a new home…

70.00 £

Night Lords Praetor Forgeworld

Forgeworld’s Night Lord Praetor painted to high standard.

45.00 £

Night Lord Captain

Features freehand designs of batwinged skulls on his shoulder, chest and cloak.

25.00 £

Necromunda Palatine subjugators

Painted as per the box to good tabletop standard

45.00 £

Primaris Eradicators from Indomitus

50.00 £

Primaris Blade Guard Ancient

Painted as an Ultramarine

20.00 £