Deb does a Kill Team!

I like the sound of this game! I get confused and lose interest quickly when it comes to large games of 40K. The amount of rules and things to remember I find overwhelming and hard to follow, it fries my head and I find it hard to follow.

Kill Team is way smaller, if I cannot cope with 100 points of miniatures then I may as well just pack up and go home. So, I made a kill time this evening and have fun naming the miniatures that will be featuring in the Warband I now find myself in charge of.

I went for Night Lords, mainly because they are awesome and I won’t hear another word on that matter. I got to pick twelve characters that I can choose to do missions and cause havoc when we play! Let me introduce you to them:

Kalex – a combat specialist Khorne Berserker type.

Kalash – a demolishions terminator.

Digby – Master of Possession (psyker)

Vel Shoma – a Space Marine.

Shraivok Tar – The Boss, he has a chain sword and is awesome.

Jar Vosk – a Space Marine.

Unus – Cultist Champion

Duo – Cultist Gunner

Tres – Cultist Gunner

Quattuor – Cultist

Quinque – Cultist

Sex – Cultist

In true Night Lord fashion, the cultists are named after the latin numbers; originality and thought into naming them did not occur to their dark masters…

Not all of them have miniatures yet, that will change over the next few days and weeks when I get time to work on personal projects. In the mean time, here is Digby again:


Now I just need to name the damned band, which is a lot harder than I first thought

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Mini Reaver and the Freehand Venture

The only thing I have freehanded in the last couple of years is the galaxy cloaks a lot of people know me for. I wanted to try my hand at it and seeing how I decided to put the flat panels on the Adeptus Titanicus Reaver, I thought I would give it a go.

Now, the Legio that Twitter voted on was Legio Mortis, so I had a look at the heraldry, cursed at the complexity of it and rolled up my sleeves.

I started by sketching the image out on the panel with a pencil very lighty. At this point, the princeps of the Reaver was asking, ‘Why can I see graphite.’


I then took a deep breath and got stuck in. I started off by filling in the black for the eyes and nose, as this seemed a good base. Next came the skull. I have been asked about painting bone and so shall be doing a tutorial on that next week. It is a combination of five colours and a lot of wet blending to make sure there are no glaring blend lines.


Next came the bars around the skull. I used Eshin grey as the base and then added black or white depending on which tone I was after. I then blended them together to create shadows and light and this is the result.


So, what do I think.

The cranium of the skull is a little too big, I think the teeth on the skull are a bit too stark and I know some of the grey rods are wonky.

Otherwise, I think I did alright in the end. Not bad for a first attempt in a couple of years. I will be doing similar again in the near future, got to keep practicing!

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Lieutenant Amulius

Everyone loves a Primaris Lieutenant right? RIGHT? I picked this one up at Games Day because I thought it would be rude not to. I do like painting Primaris. I’m not going to lie, power armour in general is a favourite of mine but Primaris came out right when I started painting again so they’re always going to hold a spot.

When I got this guy, I wanted to try out one of the techniques that Gary suggested I do for edge highlighting. I had done something similar before but not how he said. The only colour I used for his power armour is Caledor Sky and white. I thinned it down to help it flow better and then had a go at the edge highlights. I am pleased with the results.

I am also pleased with how his face turned out. Skin is not an easy thing to tackle I have found and a badly painted face would not look right. I have seen it ruin otherwise good models. In this case, I think I did alright!

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Miniature Commissions

I want to start taking them. The ones I have done so far have been enjoyable and have been a very positive experience for me. ‘The Jerks’ – Kor Phaeron and Erebus were brilliant miniatures to paint, and Ahriman (30K) is always a delight.

However, getting my name out there for this is not going to be easy. Some steps have been taken, and they will need to be plugged away at consistently. That will not be enough. I have spoken to a local commission painter and have picked up some pointers and advice from him too.

The main one being I need to learn to use the air-brush. The thought terrifies me, I won’t lie but it is time to do something that scares me and push that boundary far away. The hobby room needs to be altered a bit to make room – this will happen at the weekend. Then, I will have to watch videos and just get on with it.

I have been given several tips I want to try out, one of them involving oil washes. I’ve also put together a list of things I need to pick up to help me – a tripod, a miniature light box and a few other bits as well.

My ‘to do’ list looks like this:

1) Learn to airbrush.

2) Paint every day – for extended periods of time, build up stamina.

3) Advertise a lot more.

4) Try the tips Gary gave me and work them into my painting routines.

5) Keep streaming and build a presence on other social media platforms.

If you are interested in commissioning my to paint your army, or miniatures for you, please get in touch. I am happy to discuss anything. I have a page detailing some of the bits I have done, though very soon that will need updating with better images.

In other news, Sevatar is coming along very nicely – no spoilers though!


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Time for a Change.

Usually, I keep this blog for my hobby related exploits, but I feel I need to speak about the largest change I have made in my life and the uncertainty that brings. As many of you are aware, I have been in the teaching profession in one way or another for the last seven years. It had been a rollercoaster and I hace decided, for health reasons, that it is time to step off and do something else.

The last week has been difficult for a number of reasons. The class I have taught this year have been th best set of children I have ever had and I will miss them. I know they will miss me too.

One of the hardest parts was Tuesday, when it was the last Warhammer Club. The children were confident enough to run their own game, using the miniatures they had bought and painted themselves. I spent the hour showing those that were not playing how I would go about painting one of the ghouls a member had brought in.

I introduced wet blending and some drybrushing before leaving the little guy on my desktop to dry. Bob was concerned about this intruder but thankfully, there was no trouble…

I also let the children take the miniatures home and I certainly hope they continue with the hobby. They certainly seemed interested in it and it had been a true honour to show them how much fun miniature gaming is.

The rest of the week was a mix of fun. On the last day, we watched Disney’s Robin Hood, had a Just Dance contest and played a lot of games. I was thoroughly spoilt and saddened to see the children go. I shall miss collegues and have made some great friends as well. I have packed away the post it note pictures, brought my miniatures home and managed to relax a little too.

There is one thing on my mind at the moment however, and that is ‘What now?’ Education had been the centre of my life for seven years and now I am left wondering what to do. I am fortunate enough to not need to find work immediately, however that is not indefinite. I know something will come along when it is ready and I will find work, until then, I am going to try and take some commissions and spend some time in the hobby room painting.

Incidentally, if you are interested in commissioning me for painting, here is a link to the information you need:

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Miniature Update

Part of the weekend was spent working on building the miniatures for the diorama I am making for Golden Demon, as you will have seen in one of my other recent updates. After I had put them all on corks to be undercoated, I discovered there was no spray paint in which to do it with. Instead of heading out to get some, I decided to finish off a couple of other miniatures that have been lingering on the table for a while.

The first ones were these lovely looking fellows, who I painted for the husband:

He helped me with the corking so I thought it fair to assist with these two lovely fellows. I am not big on nurgle but he has a sizeable force of daemons and space marines. One of these days I will get to paint Mortarion, maybe when I finish Magnus some time this millennia…

Then I was forced to paint an Ultramarine, which was not the nicest part of the day.

I don’t think Haarken is my best ever work, but I am pleased with how he turned out. He is not a display piece, he is for being used. I am pleased with how the gold looks. I think the edge highlighting could be a bit neater, but maybe I am being overly picky about it.

I love the miniature and the character is shaping up to be really interesting. I’d certainly like to know more about where he came from and what he has done to earn his place. A few friends and I suspect he was once a Night Lord, but this is mere speculation on our part.

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Diorama: Phase 2

Read all about Phase 1 here:

Today I managed to get a bit of free time to begin building all the different aspects of the diorama for Golden Demon. The hardest part was knowing where to begin in all honesty. There are so many separate parts to this that I was wondering which bit to do first.

After some thought, I decided to start with the individual miniatures as they shouldn’t be too difficult. This meant that the Noise Marine, the Thousand Son and the Plague mMarine were the starting points of the day:

Here they are placed on the base in roughly the space they are going to occupy when the diorama is all done. I had to make a few changes here and there. The Thousand Son has significantly less cloak than I intended as he looked odd with them. The Noise Marine is also in sub assembly as he will be miles easier to paint while he is in bits.

The next step was the Brood Lord and the Night Lord. The Brood Lord wasn’t a problem as I just needed to get him built as per the instructions. I anticipated the Night Lord being a little more difficult (I think this is just what they do in general), however I was pleasantly surprised. I managed to build him without having to do too much in the way of bending:

He is currently held in place with a bit of tac, until I can get them on corks and undercoated that is. I am very pleased with he’s he turned out.

The last job of the day was building a few hormagaunts and placing the rippers in their rough places. Here is what I have so far. I still have the Trigon to build, I still have the entire tank to do – the one in the pictures is for reference. There are the electronics to consider, the Khorne Berserker to look at as well. It is one monster of a project I have chosen to do but it is proving to be a lot of fun!